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CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe-Coming 01 September 2019!!

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CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe - Available 01 September 2019

The CBR Multi Purpose Wipe (MPW) is manufactured by M2DCON and distributed by SRS®, LLC. The CBR MPW was designed by the same team who created the current Joint Services Equipment Wipe (JSEW) M334 technology for the US Department of Defense, Joint Programs Executive Office for Chemical Biological Defense (JPEO-CBD). The CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe is the commercial equivalent to the JSEW/M334 Wipe created for the US military.

The CBR is a skin-safe, general - purpose, physical removal wipe. A kit contains a 5 pack of CBR wipes is capable of reducing a 10 gm/m2 challenge of HD, GD, or VX to less than 1gm/m2 on a 1m2 surface. In addition, the CBR is highly efficient at physical removing bacterial spores, as well as, vegetative bacterial and viral threat agents from surfaces.

The CBR is skin-safe and non-corrosive to rubber, plastic, and metal surfaces.

Ordering Options: Carton (contains 60 kits), or Box (contains 50 individually packaged wipes) 

CBR Multi-Purpose Wipe Details

  • Storage Temperature: -28°F - 160°F
  • Operating Temperature: -25°F - 120°F
  • Shelf Life: ~10 years
  • Commercial equivalent of U.S. DoD Joint Service Equipment Wipe (JSEW) or M334

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