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FR Decon PLUS is the commercial version of and the equivalent of M333 (the US Department of Defense’s Joint General Purpose Decontaminant for Hardened Military Equipment (GPD-HME). FR DECON Plus is Manufactured by MQM Solutions and is distributed exclusively by SRS, LLC ® .

FR Decon PLUS is a 3-part dry powder that is mixed with water at point of use. Parts 1 & 2 are added to water to generate a proprietary Peracetic Acid / surfactant solution for Chemical Warfare Agent and Toxic Industrial Chemical decontamination. Part 3 is added for Biological Threat Agent and bacterial spore decontamination*.

FR DECON PLUS is a highly effective decontaminant capable of neutralizing GD, HD, VX, 98%-99% in 5 minutes. In addition, FR Decon PLUS is highly effective at degrading, killing, and physically removing Anthrax spores on surfaces. In addition, FR Decon PLUS was chosen as the United States Department of Defenses primary decontaminants, due to its enhanced efficacy to rapidly degrade and neutralize emerging threat agents such as the Non-Traditional Agents (NTA’s) and Fentanyl Analogs.

The FR Decon PLUS Kit is a low logistic decontamination technology for use against chemical and biological agents. Each kit includes three pouches of unique chemistry packaged laminated foil pouches. The decontaminant is stored as dry powders which are mixed at point of use with locally available water (fresh, brackish or salt water). The proprietary chemistry and durable packaging provides a 5 years for the unopened FR Decon PLUS Kit.

The unique dry chemistry formulation reduces the kit weight and volume by 90% compared to most other conventional liquid decontaminants making FR Decon PLUS Kit easier to transport and store.

The FR Decon PLUS formulation replaces organic solvents used in other decontaminants with a proprietary blend of surfactants. These surfactants ensure FR Decon PLUS effectively inactivates chemical and biological agents. By eliminating organic solvents, FR Decon PLUS provides improved material compatibility and simplifies shipping & handling.

Simply mix with available water, apply to completely wet contaminated surfaces, then allow to dry completely. Once mixed, FR Decon PLUS can be applied to surfaces or equipment manually or using spray systems.

Kit Options: 18 oz., 48 oz., 3 qt., 2 gal, 5 gal., and 25 gal. 

FR Decon PLUS Details

  • Storage Temperature: -28°F - 145°F
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 120°F
  • Shelf Life: ~ 10 years at indicated storage temperature
  • Pot Life (following addition to water): 6-8 hours
  • Available in a variety of configurations
  • Can be purchased as individual kits or in carton sizes
  • Commercial equivalent of U.S. DoD General Purpose Decontaminant for Hardened MIlitary Equipment (GPD-HME) or M333
***FR Decon PLUS is not EPA Registered at this time

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