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S-CUT® 701

Your Price: $248.00
S-CUT® 701
Part Number: 2016-33
Availability: Back Order.
S-CUT 701 is a smaller version of S-CUT 501.

Weight: 0.170 kg / 6.0 oz.
Length: 178 mm / 7.0 in
Width: 24 mm / .94 in

Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and heat resistant plastic parts (up to 100 degrees C, 212 degrees F). Strong detergents may affect the anodized surface but will not affect the cutting performance.

(When buying one S-Cut 701, it's like buying 6 shears (cutting edges). Since each 701 model now comes with an extra blade you are purchasing 12 cutting edges for the price. The real savings kick in, when you purchase the replacement blades. For $78 you are getting 4 blades with 6 edges each. That's (6 edges by 4 blades =) 24 cutting edges. $78.00 divided by 24 cutting edges = $3.25 per cutting edge, that's cheaper than ~$10 per shears that need to be fully replaced once the edge has dulled.)

Depending on quantity and item ordered, S-Cut items drop ship with a 7-10 day lead time.

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