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Your Price: $44.00
Retail Price:$48.90
You Save:$4.90(10%)
Part Number: 2016-34
Availability: Back Order.
Available in black or blue. If you do not specify, we will ship black.

The QE is an all around cutting device for those who need to cut through different materials, almost everything except metal. With amazing cutting capability you can easily cut PPE, clothing, heavy leather, belt, tarpaulin or ground cloth. The ergonomic design of the S-CUT® knives make cutting very easy, even when wearing gloves. The QE is ready to use, just place the material to be cut between the handle and the black plastic support and pull.

(The disposable S-Cut QE has 5 cutting edges. $44.00 /5 edges = $8.80 per cutting edge vs. $~10.00 per cutting shear. More effective, lower cost per use.)

Depending on quantity and item ordered, S-Cut items drop ship with a 7-10 day lead time.

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