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Two Day Operator Level Decon Course

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The two day Operator Level Decon Course is primarily a hands on course designed to get personnel operational with the Wipe|Spray|Wipe® Decontamination process. You will learn about the basics of the science behind decon and why the WSW® Decon system is so effective. You will learn all of the techniques necessary to make informed decisions to successfully complete safe and effective decon in the field. Techniques include wiping, mixing decontaminants easily and effectively in the field, cut-out procedures for PPE, emergency doffing procedures, and much more!

The course fees include the use of multiple Enhanced Decon System kits, wipers, decontaminants, simulants, consumables, and everything else necessary for a robust and successful course. This course has been very well received by first responders who have taken it. 

The SRS team will travel to your location with everything necessary to complete the course. We also periodically deliver this course in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah if your agency has only a few students who would like to attend. We'd be happy to answer any question you may have. Call or email us for more information about this course or any of our courses and equipment. We look forward to working with you!

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